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Demat Services

We serve our client for open up a D’mat A/c economically or to transfer physically held shares. We also help the clients in solving the bad delivery problems, selling of physical shares directly etc.

Documents required for D’mat A/c opening:-

  • 1 passport size photograph of all the A/c holders.

  • Copy of PAN Card

  • Address proof such as (Ration Card, Telephone Bill, Electricity Bill, Passport etc.)

Does & Don’t do while Opening D’mat A/c:-
Always Do:-

  • Always open D’mat A/c in the joint name. Make it sure that you nominate someone for the A/c.
  • Try to open an A/c with D.P. whose priority business is of D’mat such as Stock Holding Corporation of India. Be cautious while opening D.P. A/c with Banks as they may charge recklessly & it will be very difficult to reverse the charges.
  • You may open an A/c with the D.P. where your broker has A/c it would help you in everywhere.

Don’t Do :-

  • Dmat A/c in single name with no nominee appointed creates too much legal complication & even it becomes time consuming and costly also.
  • Never open an A/c with DP who is offering huge discounts he might not be efficient in offering timely services.

How “MEGA” can help you:-

For further information or guidance please Contact Us, we will be pleased to be helpful to you.


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