Monday, 25 Mar 2019

Here are 5 free websites to help increase your efficiency


You can find a website for almost anything. There are some that offer services aimed at making your life easier.

1. Get rid of spam email

Have you noticed that the number of newsletters and spam mails that you receive increases every day? This is because most websites or services automatically sign you up for a newsletter service when you register online. Some even send promotional mails for other advertisers. You can either go about unsubscribing to individual emails or head to Just sign in with the email address of the account you want to clean, and the service will scan your inbox for subscription services. All the subscription services will then be shown in an alphabetical list view and you can just click the unsubscribe button next to the service name. The service will automatically remove your email from the subscription list.  
2. No more spelling/grammar mistakes
Everyone uses a computer to type out one thing or the other. It could be emails, official reports, essays for school, or even replies and status messages on social media. However, not all of us are experts when it comes to spellings and grammar. This is where Grammarly ( comes in handy. Sign up for a free account and you can use either the document editor on the Grammarly website or its browser extension. Grammarly scans whatever you type and shows you corrections wherever necessary. All spelling or grammatical error are highlighted as you type, and clicking on the error shows you the correct word, spelling or sentence, and gives you the option of replacing the word or sentence you got wrong.  
3. Unlock
PDF files  
Services like telecom, banks and wallets use PDF files, as they allow documents to be password protected, as well as locked so nobody can make changes. However, there might be times when you need the security lock to be removed from the PDF file. The easiest way is to go to, upload your locked PDF file and the website will ask for the unlock password. After that, you will get an unlocked PDF file to download on to your computer. The website also lets you upload pdf files directly from a cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive)

4. Delete online accounts

We sign up for a variety of online services but don't use most of them regularly. You might have created multiple accounts on various websites over time which you no longer access or would never need to use again. To get rid of such accounts, go to The site offers a step-bystep process on how to delete accounts from plethora of online service websites. Choose the website name and follow the process to properly delete your account. Account Killer also classifies websites into a white list, grey list and black list to make it easier to sort and delete your accounts.  
5. Disposable email inbox
The majority of websites you visit ask you to sign-up for an account. The trouble is that when you give you email address, they start spamming your inbox with junk mails. To avoid this, use a disposable email address instead of giving your personal email. Head to, open a temporary email inbox and use it to sign up for a service. Once you are done, there's no need to access the disposable email address ever again. After a few hours, the email address will be destroyed automatically. There is no limit to the number of disposable email address you can create, so for each service you can create a new one, and never worry about spam again.


Courtesy: TOI March 05, 2018.


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