Friday, 22 Mar 2019

Comment On Today's Equity Market Crash


Dear Wealth Creators,


Greetings !!!!


We are writing you our watch shows around 16 hrs timings.

The headline in tomorrow newspaper may read like

Sensex down by 1700 points. (Little here and there)

Investors loses over Rs. 3 lakhs crores, (We are just putting some estimates)

This is not the correction but start of the bear run. (Some comments by so called ‘Expert’)

Lowest since October 17, 2014 (We are not very sure of the dates)

Few predictions like

World is moving towards bear market. Some so called ‘expert’ will comment that bear condition of 1929 may be the near future.

Few economies will burst very shortly….


And you may be frightened. If invested in Indian equity, you may think of redeeming and going to the safe investment option like Bank Fixed Deposit. Some who were thinking of investing will still hold the cash and wait for the things to settle down again. And many more would be happy and shouting that one should never invest in equity and now after real estate and bullion it is the time for equities to go down.

We don’t know what the equities would be in near future. Most probably it will be very volatile. But then what is the time to invest. We think first look to your asset allocation. Are you over invested or under invested? Check your risk profile. Are you able to digest the volatility or not?


There cannot be the return like 2014 but yes in equities and well in debt fund you have all the possibilities of making more than average returns. But again, Invest in deeps in 2015 to earn better returns in future.


For any clarifications, please contact us without any hesitation and we would be more than HAPPY to provide you the solutions to your queries.


We want you to take a conscious decision, whether it is further investments, redemption or remaining stay invested!!!!


Wishing you a happy investments.

                                                                   -   Team Mega Financial Planners



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